This is a great question that most of our customers ask.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of double glazed windows, we’re talking about two sheets of glass that are separated by an air or gas pocket. Although there are a number of factors to consider when choosing your type of glass, here we’ll focus on the benefits of double glazed windows.

Energy Efficiency/Insulation – Double glass acts as great insulation. Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through windows. The gap between the two panels of glass prevents heat transference, and as a result, it reduces the passage of hot or cold air between the inside of your home and the outside. The air inside your home will stay warmer for longer which means you can reduce both your greenhouse gas emissions and your energy costs by improving your windows’ thermal performance. Double glazing also prevents condensation inside your home when it is cold outside and warm inside, as it insulates the warm air inside from the cold outside.

Noise Reduction – The gap between the two panels of glass also provides acoustic insulation for your home. Researchers have done all the work for us here, by calculating the levels of noise reduction offered by double glazed windows. Depending on the thickness of the double glazed panels you choose, there can be a 19%-46% reduction in street noise, over a single glass window.

Now, if we’re being completely honest, we are a little biased toward double glazed windows. But they do come with a higher price tag than single glazed windows. So, if you find that they don’t fit within your budget, chat to us about what the next best option would be for you! There are plenty of single glass types and thicknesses that will still do a great job at protecting your home from the elements!