Can I put commercial frames in my home?


Absolutely! The vast majority of our customers who are either building a new home, or replacing their old windows, choose commercial frames for their durability and aesthetic. They are by far the superior choice of window systems, and add an incredibly modern, elegant and architectural look to any space.


What colours can I choose from?


There is a virtually endless selection of powder coating colours for you to choose from. At Aluminco, we use the Dulux Powder Coating chart.


What does the process usually entail?


Once we receive your enquiry, we will call you to organise your Free Measure and Quote. We endeavor to provide you with a quote within 48 hours, which includes elevation drawings of your windows. If you decide to go ahead with your project, we will come back for another site measurement, and organise with you your deposit. We require a 50% deposit. Once the manufacturing process has been completed, we will contact you to lock in an installation date. Depending on the size and type of project, installation time frames can vary from one day, to several weeks. Once the installation is complete, we conduct a final inspection (preferably with you present), we will remove all rubbish from site if you’ve selected us to, and forward through an invoice for the final balance.

Is there a Warranty?


Yes, we offer a 10-year Warranty Against Defects.


What are your payment methods?


EFT is our most popular method of payment, and have Point of Sale facilities that accept all credit/debit cards. For more information please contact our office on 1300 095 180.


Can I take measurements of my own windows and send them through to you?


You definitely can. Please contact us with instructions on how to do so, but please note that the measurements sent through are used for quoting purposes only. We will still need to conduct a site measure if you decide to go ahead with the project, so if there are any variances there may be a slight difference in price.

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