Why Aluminium?

Aluminium Windows and Doors


Aluminco has been manufacturing and installing Aluminium Windows and Doors for almost 30 years, Australia-wide.


Aluminium is our material of choice here at Aluminco, here's why we think you should be choosing aluminium.


Aluminium is strong, durable, and does not warp, rot, or bend. It's rigid and light, and can withstand harsh weather conditions, lasting far longer than timber alternatives. The strength of aluminium frames can also allow for larger window sizes that timber or PVC windows can't tolerate.

Energy Efficient

Now more than ever, people are choosing more environmentally friendly solutions and products, such as solar panels, for their homes. As we head toward an overall ‘greener’ future, aluminium is leading the way as the ideal framing system for windows and doors. Not only is aluminium 100% recyclable, but aluminium windows and doors can help dramatically increase your homes energy efficiency, by controlling heat retention and heat loss. Therefore, you’ll be lowering your emissions and reducing your carbon footprint, while saving money by reducing your energy bills.

Cost Effective

As a material, aluminium frames are far cheaper than wood and steel, and far easier to manufacture. Their durability ensures longevity, so you won’t need to worry about any additional costs for replacements


Aluminium has long been the window and door frame choice for architects, builders, designers, and other industry professionals. The light, slick, architectural/commercial look of the frame adds an incredible modern and elegant aesthetic to any space. Plus, there is a virtually endless selection of powder coating colours for you to choose from!


Aluminium windows are incredibly low-maintenance, needing nothing more than a quick wipe with a cloth whenever you see fit to make them look as good as new! The powder coating we apply will eliminate the need to ever paint your windows, unlike other materials such as timber, which is also prone to warping and rotting – eventually needing replacing